How To Keep Your Valentine’s Day Flowers Alive Longer

How To Keep Your Valentine’s Day Flowers Alive Longer

I am sure there are many sweethearts that will be receiving flowers this weekend. You might think that this is the busiest holiday for the florist. Well, actually Valentine’s Day is second with Mother’s Day being the most popular. I guess this proves that Mom will always be more important than your sweetheart.

I was also surprised to learn that flowers are not the most popular gift for Valentine’s Day. Flowers come in second behind candy. When I read this, I would have to speculate that gifts to the kids were included in these statistics. Here I can offer my own experience as a married man with two daughters. Flowers are the best. They brighten up the house in the dead of winter for everyone to enjoy. The flowers I buy for my valentines are always fragrant. When you walk in the house, you know they are there.

Since the holiday is this Sunday, hopefully you have your valentine taken care of. If not, you better find a florist soon. Flowers will certainly keep you out of the doghouse.

If you are giving or receiving flowers, you should know flowers have different meanings. The most common, red roses are the gold standard sign of love and romance. They symbolize beauty and perfection. If you receive red roses, you know you are truly loved. Pink roses are also stunning. They are a sign of love and appreciation. White roses are traditionally linked with marriage and spirituality.